Kruse Glass & Aluminum is proud to showcase our work on the Masterpiece Building in Medicine Hat, Alberta. As the leading supplier for all commercial glass and aluminum, we have delivered a project that stands as a testament to quality, durability, and aesthetic brilliance. Our state-of-the-art glass and aluminum products have transformed this building into a modern marvel, featuring energy-efficient solutions and impeccable design. From customized glass facades to durable aluminum frameworks, Kruse Glass & Aluminum is setting industry standards, offering unparalleled service and craftsmanship in Medicine Hat and beyond. If you’re planning a commercial project, discover why Kruse Glass & Aluminum is the trusted name for all your glass and aluminum needs.

  • Scope of Work: Kruse Glass & Aluminum is thrilled to unveil our comprehensive involvement in the Masterpiece Building’s construction in Medicine Hat. We were entrusted with providing all commercial glass and aluminum components, covering an impressive many thousands of square feet of the building’s facade. Our portfolio for this landmark project spans from tailor-made glass curtain walls to robust aluminum framing systems. Leveraging advanced engineering techniques, we also offered custom solutions such as thermal break systems to ensure optimal energy efficiency. When it comes to architectural brilliance and functionality, Kruse Glass & Aluminum is your one-stop solution.

  • Quality of Materials: Quality is never compromised at Kruse Glass & Aluminum, and the Masterpiece Building is a prime example. We sourced the highest-grade, energy-efficient glass, certified to withstand the varying Canadian climate. Our corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles are designed for durability and long-lasting performance, meeting the strictest industry standards. By incorporating these top-of-the-line materials, we’ve contributed to the building’s longevity, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced energy efficiency. Experience the difference of superior quality with Kruse Glass & Aluminum.

  • Design Aspects: The aesthetic value and design innovation of the Masterpiece Building were significantly elevated by Kruse Glass & Aluminum’s product range. Our glass systems offered a sleek, modern appeal, while our custom-colored aluminum panels added visual depth and contrast to the building. Additionally, our glass solutions were designed to maximize natural light, creating inviting and productive spaces. Through attention to detail and design flexibility, Kruse Glass & Aluminum turns ordinary structures into modern masterpieces.